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Diego Spalding
08/23/05 7:11pm

I am constructing a 2D list using AppendColumns in order to use within a plot. When the package "LinearAlgebra`MatrixManipulation`" is only loaded, the 2d list can be plotted using ListPlot. However, when some other packages are loaded, for example "Graphics`Graphics`", the variable containing the 2d list is reset.

If the additional packages are loaded initially, the 2d list cannot be constructed. The ouput reads:

AppendColumns[AppendColumns[......... ..........]]

This cannot be plotted with any function. I would like to use the LogLogListPlot function. The data is initially two 1D lists. If the above problem cannot be fixed, is there another way of specifying the x-position of a data point from one list, and the y position from the other. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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AppendColumns while Graphics packages present Diego Spalding 08/23/05 7:11pm
Re: AppendColumns while Graphics packages present yehuda ben-s... 08/24/05 2:10pm
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