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09/30/05 09:20am

I'm having trouble getting any kind of Legend as a referance point to the plot generated by ListContourPlot. I've tried using:

<< Graphics'Legend'
<< Graphics`Graphics3D`
<< Graphics'Graphics'
<< Graphics`Colors`

temp1 = {{1}, {2}, {3}, {4}, {5}, {6}, {7}, {8}, {9}};
temp2 = Flatten[temp1]
temp3 = Partition[temp2, 3];

fig1 = ShowLegend[
ColorFunction -> (Hue[(#^2)/Max[temp5^2]] &),
ColorFunctionScaling -> False,
Contours -> 9, DisplayFunction -> Identity],
{Hue[#] &, 10, "Max", "Min",
LegendPosition -> {1.1, -.4}}

Show[GraphicsArray[fig1], ImageSize -> 600]


I was using this code [found under wolfram forum search) as a simple way to get the legend to show up on my computer (although what I'm going to be using it for is much more complex than a 1-9 array), but it says "legend failed", and no graph appears. It seems the only option I can actually use to get any form of graph (without legend) is :

ListContourPlot[temp5, ColorFunction -> Hue, ContourLines -> False]

I've read through all the help files and through wolfram but can't seem to find any function or code that would give me a simple legend referancing the colors generated by the plot. Any ideas?


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