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Daniele Lupo
10/04/05 5:57pm

Hi to all.

I've a problem with the derivative of Abs.

Considering, for example, this function

a = Abs[Sqrt[s + x]]

If (with mathematica 5.1), I use this command

D[a, x]

I obtain this

Derivative[1][Abs][s + x]/(2*Sqrt[Abs[s + x]])

It containts Abs'[..] that's not right.

If I use PiecewiseExpand in this way


I don't obtain nothing, while in this way

PiecewiseExpand[a, Reals]

I obtain

Piecewise[{{Sqrt[-s - x], s + x < 0}}, Sqrt[s + x]]

But In this case I consider all variables as real. Instead I want that x is real, while s is complex, and making an expansion with these assumptions. How can I do it?

Thanks for answers


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