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10/05/05 11:32am

I am having a problem reconciling the results of an integration produced by different versions of Mathematica. The following is my input (i and e have their typical math meanings):

G = ( i w + a )^(-k)
y = Integrate[1/(2 Pi) G e^(i w t), {w, -Inf, Inf}]
FullSimplify[y, {{k, a, t}eps Reals, k > 0, a > 0, t> 0}]

Now here's the thing. Version 4 gives me
e^(-a t) t^(-1 + k) Gamma[1-k] Sin[Pi k] / Pi

whereas Version 5 outputs a zero.

From standard integral tables, I know that the first (nonzero) answer is correct. What could be the problem? P.S. I have also attached both .nb files for reference.

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