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10/10/05 00:39am

It seems like I have reset the PDF function in the Normal Distribution Package. After getting whipped around in my own notebooks I went to the help notebooks and looked at the NormalDistribution Pacakge. When I evaluate the examples... (starting with loading the package and moving down each subsequent cell) I get the same behavior that I was getting in my own notebooks. I have stopped and restarted mathematica.

When I first open the help files here is the text in the help notebook.
pdf = PDF[ndist, x]

\!\(\[ExponentialE]\^\(-\(x\^2\/2\)\)\/\@\(2\ π\)\)

Then I re-evaluate the same Cell above and the output changes to basically what appears to me as an undefined function.
pdf = PDF[ndist, x]


Help? :)
Thank you,


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PDF - NormalDistribution Function not evaluating TGrant 10/10/05 00:39am
Re: PDF - NormalDistribution Function not evalu... yehuda ben-s... 10/13/05 5:39pm
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