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Marie-Sofie Karlsson
10/10/05 1:09pm

I was just asked to help a friend by making a simplification easier using mathematica, instead of having to do it by hand.
It was two square roots of variables, that needed to be multiplied. We wanted mathematica to do so, and give us the result.
But mathematica just answered with the same input, writing one sqrt * the other sqrt.
How do I make it do the math for the variables?

Ex1: Sqrt[x]*Sqrt[y]==Sqrt[x*y]
Ex2: Sqrt[x+y]*Sqrt[2y]==Sqrt[2yx+2y^2]

I do not want mathematica to tell me that
Sqrt[x+y]*Sqrt[2y]==Sqrt[x+y]*Sqrt[2y] because I already know that bit hehe.

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