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10/10/05 8:53pm


I'm using databaselink to create a coordinate pair of points for a plot. The data are stored in a database.

List1=SQL DateTime format (Dates from 1999 to present)
List2=FloatingPoint (closing stock price)

I am having problems plotting the data once I've created a coordinate pair and the problem has to do with the fact that List1 is in SQL DateTime format. The system claims (rightfully) that the format is not floating point and cannot plot the data.

I don't want to convert the data to floating point because the DateTime format is meaningful in the chart I am making which is simply the closing stock price of a company since 1999.

Any ideas would be kindly appreciated.

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Plotting with SQL DateTime format Allen 10/10/05 8:53pm
Re: Plotting with SQL DateTime format yehuda ben-s... 10/13/05 5:09pm
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