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10/20/05 2:29pm

Does anyone know how to combine the solutions from NDSolve. I am solving a BVP with the multiple-shooting method. This method divides an interval (0,1) into N intervals. I then run NDSolve in each interval. I store the solution in sol[[n]], 1<n<N. Is there any way to combine the N solutions, each in a small interval, to a single solution in the full interval.

sol[[n]]=NDSolve[{y'[x]==f(y[x],x),g(y[b])==c},y[x],{x,(n-1)length/N,n length/N}];,{n,N}];

Now I get N solutions. How can I combine them into one solution.

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Combining solutions from NDSolve Shahab 10/20/05 2:29pm
Re: Combining solutions from NDSolve Forum Modera... 11/23/05 1:36pm
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