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10/23/05 6:08pm

Sorry for what may seem like a basic question. So here goes :

I am reviewing my differential equations using for the moment the Shaum's Outline for differentiation equation and the question is the following :

Show that y = 1/(x^2 - 1) is a solution for y' + 2xy^2 =0 on ( -1, 1).

While I can easily find the answer by hand I wish to know how the above simple problem is expressed in Mathematica's Dsolve form. I have tried different forms, but not successfully.

I want to let everyone know that I have just ordered one of the books on the OED that when I receive it, will ensure that I will hopefully only ask serious questions.

Thanks in advance

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NEWBIE and DSolve MichelM 10/23/05 6:08pm
Re: NEWBIE and DSolve yehuda ben-s... 10/25/05 5:09pm
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