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10/24/05 3:47pm


i have the following problem with mathematica: i want to plot a function f, that has 1 variable x, but several CONTINUOUS parameters a,b,c,..., so the function looks like f(x;a,b,c,...).

an example would be f(x;a,b)=a*x^2+b where a lies in [0,1] and b lies in [1,2].

now i want to plot this band of functions for all possible values of a and b as a function of x. this should give me a certain colored area.

since the function i want to display is not as easy as my example here, things like "filledplot" or "inequalityplot" don't work.

also i would be happy NOT to plot a sequence of functions (since this needs, as well as a scatter plot, a very large amount of memory) but really a visualization for a continuous range of parameters.

it would be very nice, if someone was able and willing to help me!!!

thanks a lot,


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