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10/25/05 01:46am

hi i'm new to mathematica and i got a really easy problem involving the Count function.

Basically i got a list of numbers, 29 of them to be exact and i want to know how many of those numbers are greater than 0.9,1.0,1.1,30,193....etc

but i don't know how to implement the 'greater than' sign into the count function.
i know it should look something like this


and how should i specify the changing values of x, where x is 0.9,1.0,1.1,30,193....
Do i use the replace function??
Sorry if i sound like an idiot, but i'm new to mathematica.

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Help with Count function needed George 10/25/05 01:46am
Re: Help with Count function needed yehuda ben-s... 10/26/05 1:41pm
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