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10/27/05 09:40am

I have a problem with finding the roots of this equation :

(((Sqrt[η^2 + I *5.5*10^6]*(
η*0.1]*BesselJ[1, η*0.001] - BesselJ[1,
η*0.1]*BesselY[1, η*0.001])*(BesselJ[0, Sqrt[η^2 +
I *5.5*10^6]*0.001])) - η*(BesselJ[1, Sqrt[η^2 + I *5.5*10^6]*0.001])*(
BesselY[1, η*
0.1]*BesselJ[0, η*0.001] - BesselJ[1, η*0.1]*BesselY[0, η*0.001])) == 0,

Is there any one to help me? I need at least the first 100 roots of thei equation.I know that using FindRoot command it is possible to find the zeros of the function, but how can we sure about them that they are all the first 100 ones?

Thanks for any help.

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FindRoot bayani 10/27/05 09:40am
Re: FindRoot Daniele Lupo 11/13/05 11:34am
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