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10/27/05 10:48am

Hello Guys,

I am new to mathematica and I am trying to solve a system of equation where each equation is dependen on a two varriables for example:

the equation are like this

F1(phi_0,phi_a,xa,x0,ya,y0,za,z0) = 0
F2(phi_1,phib,.....) = 0

where xa,xb,x0,ya...are known constants

I want to write the above equation in matrix form by gathering the coeffecients shuch that above equation becomes

A*phi_f + B*phi_v = 0

where A and B are matrices and phi_f and phi_v are vectors containg [phi_0,phi_1,phi_2...phi_n] and [phi_a,phi_b....phi_z] respectively.

Please help

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