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Bill Simpson
10/31/12 6:57pm

You can try wrapping Trace around your work and see if that provides what you want.

Here is a tiny example

In[2]:= Trace[a=169;b=Sqrt[a];c=2*b]

Out[2]= {a = 169; b = Sqrt[a]; c = 2*b,{a = 169,169},{{{a,169},Sqrt[169],Sqrt[169],13},b = 13,13},{{{b,13},2*13,26},c = 26,26},26}

That takes a little study to understand how it is showing evaluation step by step.

But for many internal functions, like Solve and Integrate for example, Trace is not going to show you the steps.

WolframAlpha will sometimes show you steps. But even that is not going to give you the sort of thing that someone who understands mathematics will give you when you ask them to explain the steps they took.

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option trace Saeid 10/31/12 09:12am
Re: option trace Bill Simpson 10/31/12 6:57pm
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