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11/26/05 08:49am

for a project i need to examine the behaviour of the sequence: 1, x, x^x, x^(x^x), x^(x^(x^x)), ... and so on, for x>1. firstly i need to define a function, say f, in terms of x and n, so that for example f[k,3]=k^k^k. I've been trying to do this using nest but i am not sure exactly how to do it. if anyone has any hints as to how i could define this function on mathematica and then what i should use to examine whether the above sequence converges or diverges for values close to 1, that will be much appreciated.
thank you

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help required Charlie 11/26/05 08:49am
Re: help required yehuda ben-s... 11/28/05 3:51pm
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