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11/29/05 09:44am


First of all, Yehuda: thanks a lot for your help and tips!
Now: the problem:

Iím having problems finding the maximum of a function. (Iíve been told that finding the minimum is mathematical better, so I calculate the minimum of ĖFunction).
Mathematica stays in a loop and thus canít calculate the minimum.

This is what I do:
I calculate the position of coordinates at stadium j. Then I plot the difference between two coordinates (at stadium j). By plotting the function from stadium j=0 to stadium=100 I get a curve.
Can someone help me finding the maximum/minimum of this curve?

Iíve included the notebook in attachment. You find the plot and code at the end of the document.

Thanks in advance,


Attachment: findMinMax.nb, URL: ,
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