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12/05/05 07:54am


I have problems finding the minimum and the root of a function. I defined a function with one variable: Fstap[a_]:=
The function returns a number. (You find the declaration of the function in attachment.)
The function works. If I ask Fstap[2.26] I get a number (0.000595408). I can also plot ( Plot[Fstap[a], {a, 2.2, 2.35}] ) the function with good result. (Also the plot is visible in attachment).

When I want to calculate the minimum or the root, Mathematica returns the following error:
$RecursionLimit::reclim: Recursion depth of 256 exceeded.

So I write at the beginning of the notebook

When I run the notebook, now mathematica produces a beep (but doesn’t show an error anymore) and stops calculating. When I do a new calculation, I see that the number after In[number] and Out[number] is again 1!! Strange!?

Thanx in advance,


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