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12/17/05 2:48pm

This is physics based, I'm looking for, given a curve, a certain proper time along it.

x[t_] := Sin[.7t]
Tau = Integrate[Sqrt[1 - D[x[t], t]^2], {t, 0, x}]
NSolve[Tau == 1, x]

The answer I get from NSolve is:

{{x -> 1.42857 InverseFunction[EllipticE, 1, 2][
0.9801960588196066662743764250825, -0.960784313725490]}}

If I plot Tau and 1, there is a distinct intersection point, however I can't figure out how to get Mathematica to give me this value, which is around 1.2. Any ideas?

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Getting numerical value Marius 12/17/05 2:48pm
Re: Getting numerical value yehuda ben-s... 12/20/05 02:28am
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