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01/12/06 10:27am

hi, i have mahematica 5.2 for couple of days, i want to do a homework because i have some iterations to do.
the problem is:

1- i want to write the content of the problem and to remain there like a text. and when i press shift+enter to remain there and not to evaluate anything. so, this will be the data of the problem.
- after this i'm writing variables and values, i have an n number hat is different from student to student
2- after this i'll enter all formulas needed to solve the problem in their order. after each line i'm evaluating it and appears In[1], Out[1] wich i don't want to be there when i'm printing.

so, i do not want to print that if it's posible.

can anyone help? first is the most important. keep in mind that i'm beginer and don't know anything almoust.
i'm using mac version if has any importance.



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