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amy dee
01/31/06 09:32am

hi all,
I used to use this piece of code to help me work out errors quickly but now for some reason it doesn't work, any suggestions?

Error propagation through an equation
(Error has 2 significant figures)
Run the following routing once / kernal only


Interval /: Interval[{l_, u_}] := Module[{mean, error, digitsInError},

digitsInError = 2; mean = (u + l)/2; error = (u - l)/2;

NumberForm[mean, {Infinity, digitsInError - 1 +

Ceiling[-Log[10, error]]}, NumberPadding -> {"", "0"}]

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error propagation amy dee 01/31/06 09:32am
Re: error propagation Peter 02/03/06 01:14am
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