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01/31/06 6:41pm

I have programmed in C++ before and used derive as a computing tool, but I have never used Mathematica. My senior project requires me to write a program to find the probability densities of velocities of partiles over time. I then need to make an animation of the results. The problem is that I don't have any idea how to even do basic programming in Mathematica. I was told that I could transfer another form of programming into Mathematica, but I don't know how. As it is I just need somewhere to begin. The help index just confused me more. If there is a book I could buy or an online resource I could use please let me know. I need to be able to generate a large pool of random numbers and then input two randomly chosen ones into a program with the collison equations and then generate two new numbers which will be put back in the pool. Then then process will begin again. I need to view a probability density function that will evolve over time. I can almost do it in C++, but that doesn't help since i don't know how to transfer it. Please Help!

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Basic programming Rebecca 01/31/06 6:41pm
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