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Re: Dirac Algebra In Mathematica

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  • Subject: Re: Dirac Algebra In Mathematica
  • From: petti at ALLEGHENY.SCRC.Symbolics.COM
  • Date: Wed, 5 Apr 89 12:04:41 CDT

    >From RDC at Mon Apr  3 15:50:58 1989
    >Subject: RE: Dirac Algegra
    >To: stevec at
    >X-Vms-To: IN%"stevec%ncsa.uiuc.EDU at"
    >Dear Steve,
    >Earlier this year we discussed the question of Dirac algebra macros for
    >Mathematica.  I am reaching the point of doing some more calculations
    >which will require this sort of thing.  Has anything happened on this
    >front?  I know there are other people who are interested in this, but
    >I haven't been following the latest developments.  Could you please
    >fill me in.

    >Bob Carlitz

I am just finishing a general tensor package to do universal, Clifford,
symplectic, Grassmann, and enveloping Lie algebras in MACSYMA. Dirac is a
special case of Clifford at this level, but this package operates without
choosing a matrix representation. The matrix version is another job.

What do you want in the package? I assume a matrix representation with the basic
operations, such as hermitian conjugation, particle conjugation etc.?

Dick Petti
petti at
petti at

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