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RATES Problem

  • Subject: RATES Problem
  • From: DCRUZ%T9ACC1 at
  • Date: Tue, 29 Aug 89 21:59:25 -0500
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I've just been added to the mathematica mailing list.
I've problem setting the equation for this one.  This is
a MAXIMA-MINIMA problem.

The cost of fuel per hour for running a ship is proportional
to the cube of the speed and is $ 27 per hour when the speed
is 12 miles per hour.  Other costs amounts to $ 128 per hour
regardless of the speed.  Express the cost per mile as a
function of the speed, & find the speed that makes the cost

The equation I was able to set up was:
C = V^3 + 128

But from there I don't know how to go about getting
the $ 27 per hr when V=12 miles per hour into the system of 
equations.  Could someone please help me solve this problem
and also pls elaborate on how to think through problems like these.

Take care & thanks to all
Dave Cruz   
dcruz at

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