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Re: Question about Check[]

  • To: mathgroup
  • Subject: Re: Question about Check[]
  • From: stevec at
  • Date: Tue, 2 May 89 09:48:12 CDT

[The second messsage in the series about Check[]. -smc]

I have run your program through version 1.2 (beta) and do not get the
same results.  The session is below.  Is there still a bug you want
reported to Wolfram Research or the mailing list?


In[1]:= test[x_]:= x /; x>0

In[2]:= test::toosmall = "The input to test is too small"

Out[2]= The input to test is too small

In[3]:= test[x_] := Message[test::toosmall]

In[4]:= Messages[test]

Out[4]= test::toosmall -> The input to test is too small

In[5]:= test[5]

Out[5]= 5

In[6]:= test[-4]

In[7]:= y = Check[test[7],meaningless]

Out[7]= 7

In[8]:= y = Check[test[-7],meaningless]

Out[8]= meaningless

In[9]:= y

Out[9]= meaningless

In[10]:= FullForm[y]

Out[10]//FullForm= meaningless

In[11]:= Quit[]

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