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  • From: mathgroup-adm at
  • Date: Mon, 22 May 89 14:12:50 -0500
  • Apparently-to: mathgroup-out at

Mathematica Mailing List Modifications:

First, to all mailing list members, my apologies.  The mailing list
broke down seriously and many messages not ment for wide distribution,
especially requests to be added or removed from the list, were sent
and got out of control.  Further, many people were mailing to
an address that got sent immediately to everyone on the list without
a chance for me to filter it first.

In addition, bug reports which I thought might be of interest turned
out not to be.

Finally, some mail machines between my Sun-4 and your machines got
overwhelmed by the size of the mailing list (over 300 people and 
despite the number of people asking to be removed, there are more
asking to be added).  This caused many machines to stop somewhere
in the middle of a mailing, go down and then come back up and start
the mailings over again.  This ment that messages were often sent to
some people many times.

After having to deal with irate mail list members and literally
hundreds of messages of all kinds, I called in a consultant.  He
spent this weekend fixing the problems.  He moved much of the
responsibility for handling the mail to my machine so that mail
can avoid going through the sick intermediate machines when possible.
Now when anyone mails to the mailing list the mail will go to me
first and will not go out to the whole list.  This will avoid
repeated messages and add and remove requests.  This should reduce
the junk mail you will get from the mailing list to almost zero if
all goes well.

The vote about bug reports was heavily against having them unless they
are very significant bugs that could affect all users.  In any case,
I will try to label bug reports I do send out with the word
BUG in the Subject heading.  If you are not interested you can delete
it immediately.  However, so that those interested in bug reports are
not left out, I will archive bug reports on the archive server under
the directory Bugs.  In a lot of cases, I can answer the question
about the bug, so it is not necessary to sent it to the list.

I have also been asked to provide a mechanism for Bitnet users to get
the archives.  Periodically, I will send a table of contents to the
mailing list.  If you are a user who wants to receive a file via
email, send me a message and I will see to it.  Otherwise, I still
prefer that you use anonymous ftp when possible.

So, here are the new addresses:

You may now mail to:

mathgroup at    or   stevec at
yoda is a Sun-4 with internet address:

Requests to be added or removed or other administrative
things go to:  mathgroup-request at

Bitnet users can mail to me at 14008 at ncsavmsa.bitnet

The ftp server is  and has internet address:

The current contents are:

/usr6/ftp/Symbolic/Mathematica   (main directory)

MathGroup_Mail_Archive (subdirectory)

MathGroupMail1 (file)

Packages (subdirectory)

Cochlear_Model  ShowTime.m
Complex.m       VecCalc.m       mdefs.h          (individual files)

Sci.Math.Symbolic (subdirectory)

Archive1  Archive2  Archive3  (files)

Bugs  (subdirectory)

(empty right now)


If you have any problems sending to me, if you are getting duplicate
or seriously unwanted messages or have any other problem, please email
me at the mathgroup address above.  This is the first message sent
out under the new mechanism so I hope it works.

I also hope that the problems are taken care of and that you get some use
out of this list in the future.  Please contribute to make it work.

Thanks for your patience and sorry for the junk mail.  [One final note.
It is possible that there is still some junk left in the system.  I 
would like to know if you get any mail dated before this message.
I want to isolate the sick machines in the mail network.]

Steve Christensen


Steven M. Christensen
Senior Research Scientist (Theoretical Physics)
National Center for Supercomputing Applications
Beckman Institute for Advanced Science and Technology
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Urbana, Illinios 61801  USA

Phone: (217) 244-0544 (with answering machine)
Phone: (217) 244-0072 (main NCSA number for messages to a human being)
FAX:   (217) 244-2909
Email: stevec at (Internet)
Email: 14008 at ncsavmsa.bitnet (Bitnet)
MathGroup:  mathgroup at
Mathgroup-request:  mathgroup-request at


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