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Plotting in Mathematica [4 messages]

  • Subject: Plotting in Mathematica [4 messages]
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  • Date: Tue, 30 May 89 12:48:45 -0500
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  Here is a question about plotting in Mathematica. 
  1. Can one plot in a small part of the screen?
	For instance, suppose one wants to issue the command:
        and then one would like to have this plot restricted to the upper
        left quarter, i.e. 2nd quadrant of the graphics window.
  2. Can one use greek letters as text on plots?

Any help is appreciated.

	Sheldon Newhouse


[I asked for clarification. This is Sheldon's response. -smc]

Yes, I would like to plot in a quadrant of a window sometimes.  For instance,
I would like to make a page with a window at the top and text at the bottom, 
or perhaps a window on one wide and text on another side.  If they cannot yet
do this (or the greek letters), perhaps they would consider adding these options.  I think many users would like them, and it would not be too hard to do it.



 I am certain that one can set up procedures in mathematica to plot 
on parts of a window as I asked you.  
   For instance, 
  g1 = Graphics[Line[{{0,0},{1,1}}]];
  g2 = Graphics[{GrayLevel[1.],Point[{2,0}]}];

  plots a line in the left half of the window.

  g1 = Graphics[Line[{{0,0},{1,1}}]];
  g3 = Graphics[{GrayLevel[1.],Point[{2,-1}]}];

 plots the line in the upper left-hand quarter of the window.
 Of course, routines could be written to do this with any plot, but
 one good thing about mathematica is that it has many useful procedures 
 which don't require programming.

 What about asking the people at Wolfram & Assoc. to add an option to 
 Plot, ParametricPlot, ListPlot, Graphics3D, etc , say of the form

  ViewPort -> {x,y,z,w} 

 where x,y,z,w are real numbers in [0,1] with 0 <= x < y <= 1 and 
  0 <= z < w <= 1
  and this option means: do the plot in the subwindow whose horizontal
 coordinates go from x to y ( with 0 to 1 meaning the whole horizontal extent
 of the window), and 
 whose vertical coordinates go from z to w ( again with 0 to 1 meaning 
 the whole vertical extent of the window).

  Thus, ViewPort -> {0,.5,.5,1}
  would mean the upper left-hand quarter of the window,
    ViewPort -> {.5,1,.5,1} 
  would mean the upper right-handquarter of the window,etc.

- Sheldon


 Of course in my last message, 3D graphics would require a 
 ViewPort setting which is a six-tuple, say {x,y,z,w,u,v}



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