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  • To: mathgroup at
  • Subject: Mathematica
  • From: Hideaki Aoyama <uunet!JPNRIFP!AOYAMA>
  • Date: Wed, 29 Aug 90 14:11:57 JST

Dear Dir,

I recently learned that you collect and distribute list of bugs in
Mathematica.  As its regular user, I would appreciate if you could
add me to the mailing list.

Although it helps my research a great deal, I suffer from its
shortcomings, wasting a few hours at a time.
A trouble I encountered recently;

         Integrate[2(1+E^(i p)), {p, 0, 2Pi}]

You may have already known this.  Mathematica does not know
the right branch.

                    Greetings,     Hideaki Aoyama
                                   Associate Professor
                                   Physics Department
                                   College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
                                   Kyoto Univesity
                                   Yoshida, Kyoto 606, JAPAN
                                   tel: 075-753-6785
                                   fax: 075-753-6804

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