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Two quasi-bugs in Macintosh II Mathematica

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  • Subject: Two quasi-bugs in Macintosh II Mathematica
  • From: uunet!!Jim_Wendel
  • Date: Wed, 6 Jun 90 19:24:40 EDT

Two quasi-bugs in Macintosh II Mathematica:
(1) Plot something that lies wholly in the first quadrant but give option
axes ->{0,0} with the intent of seeing the plot with nice axes; you will
get partial axes, seemingly defined by the ranges of abscissas and ordinates
in the plot.  Example:Plot[x^2,{x,2,5},Axes->{0,0}] produces rather an
ugly display.
(2) DSolve[{y''[x]+y[x]==0,y[0]==1,y'[0]==-1},y[x],x] gives the rule
y[x]->Cos[-x]+Sin[-x].  This is correct, but not as natural and nice to see
as Cos[x]-Sin[x].  At least such is my opinion!

Jim_Wendel at

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