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Plotting two surfaces

  • Subject: Plotting two surfaces
  • Date: 10 Mar 1990 23:46:30 EST
  • Apparently-to: mathgroup-send at

I wonder if it is possible to overlap two surfaces in Mathematica
(on one plot).  Something like, say:

a:= 2x+y
pl1:= Plot3D[a, {x,0,1}, {y,0,1}]
pl2:= Plot3D[b, {x,0,1}, {y,0,1}]

Show[pl1,pl2] -----------------------------> doesn't work
Plot3D[{a,b}, {x, 0,1}, {y,0,1}] ------> doesn't work

I read the first 5 archives but nothing there except, possibly,
Ken Yip's question ?

flatau at

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