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  • Subject: PlotTool
  • From: Ferrell S. Wheeler <wheeler at>
  • Date: Wed, 28 Nov 90 10:21:44 EST

[I have installed the files below on one of my Sun sparc machines
and plottool works and is useful and even fun to play with.  As
disk space clears up on the ftp machine, the files will be moved
to the Symbolic/Mathematica/Packages directory.  Thanks to Ferrell
for posting this interface tool.  -smc]

I put three files in the Symbolic/New directory for anonymous ftp.
They are:

PlotTool is "A User-Friendly Interface to Mathematica's Plotting
Routines."  It is a point and click interface for the SunView
windowing environment (or any windowing environment with a tooltool
interpreter) which allows the user to easily use plotting routines
within Mathematica and all the supporting graphics related packages
supplied with version 1.2 of Mathematica.  It does not require
knowledge of the syntax of Mathematica and is useful when you want
to experiment with different colors or viewpoints which can be
changed with a few clicks of the mouse.  The program was written
by Lucas Womack, a high school student, as a summer project.  It
is written in the tooltool language developed by Chuck Musciano.
Tooltool is available at various ftp sites and a copy is supplied.

Mathgraphics is a useful script which solves the problem of viewing
graphics on your local Sun workstation (using SunView) when
Mathematica is running on another computer on the same network.
With mathgraphics running locally, all remote Mathematica sessions
produce graphics exactly as if they were produced locally.  I'm
sure others have also solved this problem in various ways.
Our solution is based on ideas given to us by Cameron Smith.
I find it interesting (actually sinister) that WRI did not supply
a solution to this problem with the Mathematica software.
Anyway, PlotTool can be run locally with Mathematica running
remotely if mathgraphics is available.

Ferrell Wheeler
Supercomputing Research Center
wheeler at

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