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equation manipulation

  • To: mathgroup at
  • Subject: equation manipulation
  • From: Alfy_N_Riddle at
  • Date: Mon, 24 Sep 90 01:25:03 PDT

Dear Mathematica users,
  I do a fair amount of manipulating equations and am always
searching for tools to help me do this better. Since Solve
can have problems at times I have found the following set of
functions useful for manually solving an equation. All these
functions do is allow one to operate on both sides of the equals
mark at once, and format the result. This ensures a correct solution
is obtained, and is useful for tutorials.
  If anyone out there has any comments on this, or has found better
ways of doing this I would appreciate hearing from you. I will send
a summary to the net if there are enough replies.
  Sincerely, -- Alfy

"EqnForm[x,y] returns an equation formatted as x=y.
Mathematical operations can be performed directly on
this form and are passed to each side of the equation.
This is very useful for manual equation simplification
and tutorials. Normal[EqnForm[x,y]] returns {x,y}."

Format[EqnForm[x_,y_]] := SequenceForm[x," = ",y]

Normal[EqnForm[x_,y_]] ^= {x,y}

f_[ EqnForm[x_,y_]] ^= EqnForm[f[x],f[y]]

Times[ a_, EqnForm[x_,y_]] ^= EqnForm[a x,a y]
======================== end of functions

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