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New Message and Files

  • To: mathgroup at
  • Subject: New Message and Files
  • From: Steve Christensen <stevec at>
  • Date: Fri, 22 Feb 91 01:06:36 -0600

I am sending out a copy of the message I send to
new subscribers.  Note that the internet address
of is now different.  Also,
there have been a number of interesting additions
to the archive.

-------------------new message---------------------

You are added to the Mathematica mailing list.

[Please note that the amount of mail going out to
the list varies wildly from day to day depending on
what comes in to me (I read everything first before
it goes out), the time of year, and whether I am
travelling or not.  If you go for several weeks and
do not get any mail, it is likely that your email
address is broken.  Try emailing me with a different
or better address.  Please note that I do this list
entirely for free.  Since I work as a consultant
and software developer, this means I am losing
money running this service.  If things don't
always work properly, please be patient. Thanks.
---smc 1/30/91]

[We are looking for notebooks, packages and other
similar Mathematica software to include in our
archive.  Please feel free to submit your work
for consideration.  SMC 1/30/91]

You may now mail to:

mathgroup at    or   steve at
yoda is a Sun-4 with internet address:

Requests to be added or removed or other administrative
things go to:  mathgroup-request at


The ftp server is  and has internet address:

The current contents are:

Symbolic/Mathematica   (main directory)

Packages (subdirectory) - this directory is constantly changing.

BRAIDS                        ShowTime.m
Cochlear_Model                VecCalc.m
Complex.m                     customnb2tex (don't know what this does!)
NeWS.view                     math.el
PLOTTOOL                      mdefs.h
PiM.tar.Z                     queue3.m
PrimeQNew.m                   queue4.m
Programming_in_Mathematica.1  student.m
Programming_in_Mathematica.2  uniform.cmp



BraidGroup.m         README     
Braids.m             SymmetricGroup.m






DSubst.m          DeltaTheta.m      NLFitTest.m       Trig.m
Declare.m         FortranDef.m      NonlinearFit.m
DeclareDemo.m     FortranDefDemo.m  README


mathgraphics.tar.Z  plottool.tar.Z      tooltool.tar.Z


COPYING          README           part1            part3
Combinatorica.m  makepackage      part2

TEX-MMA    tex-mma.tar.Z

Sci.Math.Symbolic (subdirectory) - this directory is updated only
rarely and is not complete.

Archive1  Archive2  Archive3  (files)
Archive4  Archive5  Archive6

MathGroup_Mail_Archive (subdirectory) - this directory is updated only
rarely and is not complete.

MathGroupMail     MathGroupMail1    MathGroupMail2    MathGroupMail2.Z

If you have any problems sending to me, if you are getting duplicate
or seriously unwanted messages or have any other problem, please email
me at the mathgroup address above.

Steven M. Christensen, Ph.D.   Phone: 919-967-9853
President                      Fax:   919-490-3298
MathSolutions, Inc.            Email: mathtensor at
P.O. Box 16175
Chapel Hill, NC 27516

MathTensor and Mathematica Developers
Scientific Computing Consultants

Moderator: The Mathematica Mailing List
mathgroup at
14008 at ncsavms.bitnet
steve at

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