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  • Subject: Tanh
  • From: Stephen Wolfram <swolf>
  • Date: Sat, 2 Mar 91 14:58:04 -0600

printf("%g %g\n", tanh(-1.73287), tanh(-1.73288));

in a minimal C program on a NeXT under OS version 2.0 shows a 

Mathematica (apparently mistakenly) relies on built-in math functions.

Stephen Wolfram <swolf at>
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Date: Fri, 1 Mar 91 23:14:01 EST
From: "Alfred Gray" <gray at>
Subject: Bug in Tanh.
To: mathgroup at

I do get a bug in graphing Tanh from -3 to 3 when I use operating
system 2.0 on a NeXT.  On the other hand, it graphs OK on a Sun.
Since Seamen gets no bug under operating system 1.0 of the NeXT,
I conclude that the problem must be between the interface of Mathematica
and the 2.0 Operating system.
(The same bug also occurs in my beta version Mathematica2.0 for the NeXT).

Alfred Gray

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