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Re: bug in Splice?

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  • Subject: Re: bug in Splice?
  • From: Amaury FonsecaJunior <amaury at>
  • Date: Fri, 3 Apr 92 17:04:52 -0500

Riccardo asked the following question:

Dear Mathgroupers, I have a program called GIUH which acting on a matrix of
data produces a a big formula (something like ten lines) which I want to
"splice" in a Fortran program. With my disappointment the whole formula is
written ia a single line, while fortran needs it formatted as 7 blank spaces
and no more than 80 characters for line. I have used:
for obtaining something useful but the result does not change.
I tried to change the dafault global parameters but witout results.
Any suggestion?
Riccardo Rigon
Dipartimento di Ingegneria Civile e Ambientale
Universita' di Trento -Italy
rigon at


I prefer to use a plain writing format as follows:

file = OpenWrite[ "fortran.out",  FormatType -> FortranForm, PageWidth -> 72];
WriteString[file,"*      \n" ];	                        (* this creates a comment line*)
WriteString[file,StringForm["      expression = "] ];    (* this writes the header of the expression*)   
Write[file, expression[[1]] ];                                (* this writes the expression *)
WriteString[file,"*      \n" ];

If you need a matrix you can put the Write ..WriteString in a do loop


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