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Major Symbolic Computation Conference

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  • Date: Fri, 24 Apr 92 07:41:27 PDT


                   ALGEBRAIC COMPUTATION 

                 Berkeley, California, USA  
                    July 26-29, 1992

                    Workshop, July 30 

              Sponsored by ACM SIGSAM and ACM SIGNUM  

                      ISSAC '92 ADVANCE PROGRAM

SUNDAY, JULY 26, 1992 

7:00-10:00 PM  Reception:  Desserts and Wine at
               the Univ. of Calif. Women's Faculty Club.

MONDAY, JULY 27, 1992 

[9:00-10:00]  Invited Speaker: 
              W. Kahan, (U.C. Berkeley), "A Fear of Constants"

[10:00-10:20] Break 

[10:20-12:00] SYMBOLIC I 

    Using Computer Algebra to Select Numerical Algorithm 
	by M.C. Dewar

    A New Symbolic--Numeric Approach to Stability
              Analysis of Difference Schemes 
	by V.G Ganzha, E.V. Vorozhtsov and J.A. Van Hulzen

    Fast Computation of Numerical Partial Fraction 
            Decompositions and Contour Integrals of Rational Functions 
	by P. Kirrinnis

    Code Generation in ALPAL Using Symbolic Techniques 
	by G.O. Cook

    Hybrid Symbolic--Numeric Integration in MAPLE 
	by K.O. Geddes and G.J. Fee

[12:00-2:00] Lunch 


    Linear Ordinary Equations : Breaking through the
	by M. Bronstein	

     On Algebraic Solutions of First Order Riccatti
	by  A.Yu. Zharkov

    Reduction and Completion Algorithms for Partial 
            Differential Equations 
	by F. Schwarz 

    Liouvillian Solutions of Third Order Linear 
            Differential Equations: New Bounds and Necessary Conditions  
	by M. Singer and F. Ulmer

    Algorithmic Determination of Commutation 
            Relations for Lie Symmetry Algebras of PDEs  
	by G.J. Reid, I.G. Lisle, A. Boulton and A.D. Wittkopf

[3:40-4:00] Break 


    NODES : Nonlinear Ordinary Differential
            Equations Solver  
	by M. Codutti

    A Combined Symbolic/Numeric Approach for
            the Integration of Stiff Nonlinear Systems of ODE's 
	by M. Russo

    The Explicit Computation of Integration Algorithms and First Integrals 
            for Ordinary Differential Equations with Polynomial 
            Coefficients Using Trees 
	by R. Grossman

    Solving Linear Integral Equations in Maple 
	by Honglin Ye and R. Corless
    The Computation of 1-loop Contributions in Y.M.
            Theories with Class III Nonrelativistic Gauges and REDUCE 
	by A. Burnel and H. Caprasse

[7:00-9:00] SIGSAM Business Meeting 

[9:00] Discussion of ISSAC Issues 
TUESDAY, JULY 28, 1992 


    The Elementary Constant Problem 
	by D. Richardson	

    Existence of Short Proofs for Nondivisibility of Sparse 
            Polynomials under the Extended Riemann Hypothesis 
	by Dima Grigoriev, Marek Karpinski and Andrew M. Odlyzko

    Primality Testing Revisited 
	by J.H. Davenport

    Asymptotic Expansions of Functional Inverses 
	by B. Salvy and J. Shackell	

[10:20-10:40] Break 


    Computation of the Jordan Canonical Form of a
            Square Matrix (Using the Axiom Programming Language) 
	by I. Gil

    Homogeneous Decomposition of Polynomials 
	by J. Weiss

    A Practical Implementation of Two Rational
            Function Decomposition Algorithms 
	by J. Gutierrez and T. Recio

    MultiPolynomial Resultants and Linear Algebra 
	by D. Manocha and J. Canny

    Parallel Univariate p-adic Lifting on
            Shared-Memory Multiprocessors  
	by P. Wang 

[12:20-2:00] Lunch 


    Simple Solution Formula Construction in Cylindrical 
            Algebraic Decomposition based Quantifier Elimination 
	by Hoon Hong

    An Efficient Algorithm for Infallible Polynomial
            Complex Root Isolation  
	by G.E. Collins and W. Krandick

    Real Algebraic Number Computation using
            Interval Arithmetic  
	by J.R. Johnson

    Algebraic Closure of an Ordered Field,
            Implementation in Axiom 
	by R.Rioboo

    Honest Plotting, Global Extrema, and Interval
	by Richard Fateman

  [4:00-4:20] Break 


    The Structure of the PIMs of SL (3,4) in
            Characteristic 2  
	by W. Lempken and R. Staszewski

    Computing Presentations for Subgroups of
            Context-Free Groups  
	by N. Kuhn, K. Madlener and  F. Otto

    Experimental Comparison of Algorithms for Sylow
	by Greg Butler

    Easy Numbers for the Elliptic Curve Primality
            Proving Algorithm  
	by F. Morain

    Parallel Lattice Basis Reduction 
	by G. Villard


[9:00-10:00] Invited Speaker: 
	J. Rice (Purdue University), "What is an Answer?"

[10:00-10:20] Break 

[10:20-12:00] SYMBOLIC II

    On Stability Analysis of Linear Stochastic and
            Time-Varying Deterministic Systems  
	by C. Cetinkaya

    An Approach for Floating-Point Error Analysis
            using Computer Algebra  
	by M. Mutrie, R. Bartels and B. Char 

    ADIFOR Automatic Differentiation in a Source
            Translator Environment  
	by C. Bischof, A. Carle, G. Corliss and A. Griewank

    Lispack : A new Symbolic Package for the Definition, Analysis 
            and Resolution of Markovian Processes 
	by F. Marinuzzi and S. Soliani

    The Matrix Editor for Symbolic Jacobians in ALPAL 
	by J. Painter

[12:00-2:00] Lunch 


    Grobner Bases Computation Using Syzygies	  
	by H.M. M  T. Mora and C. Traverso

    Finite Grobner Bases in Non-Noetherian Skew
            Polynomial Rings  
	by V. Weispfenning

    Solving Parametric Algebraic Systems 
	by Xiao-Shan Gao and Shang-Ching Chou

    On Computing Determinants of Matrices without Divisions 
	by E. Kaltofen

    Solving the Yang-Baxter Equation in 2 Dimensions
            with Massive Use of Factorizing Grobner Basis Computations 
	by J. Hietarinta

[3:40-4:00] Break 


    The Design of a User Interface to a Computer
            Algebra System for Introductory Calculus 
	by E. Lamagna, M. Hayden and C. Johnson

    A Polymorphic Functional Language Applied to
            Symbolic Computation  
	by S. Dalmas

    CAS/PI: a Portable and Extensible Interface for
            Computer Algebra Systems 
	by N. Kajler

    Risa/Asir: A Computer Algebra System 
	by M. Noro and T. Takeshima

    An Object-Oriented Language for Symbolic
            Computation Applied to Machine Element Analysis  
	by L. Viklund	and P. Fritzson

    End of ISSAC Conference 

THURSDAY, JULY 30, 1992 

  NSF-sponsored workshop: Integrated Symbolic-Numeric Computing.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

                       NSF-SPONSORED WORKSHOP 

A workshop, entitled "Integrated Symbolic-Numeric Computing,"
and supported by the U.S. National Science Foundation, will
be held on Thursday, July 30, at the same location as the ISSAC conference.  
The subject of the workshop is the emerging area of combined symbolic and 
numeric methods for scientific and engineering problem solving, with 
possibly the necessary use of high performance computing environments. 
The invited talks will cover the areas of numerical techniques for symbolic 
problems, symbolic techniques for numerical problems, and applications of 
symbolic--numeric methods, as cited in the proposal.  In addition, ample time 
will be available for impromptu presentations and discussions by the 
workshop attendees.  The workshop is open to the public with no registration 

For further information regarding the workshop, contact: 

Stanly Steinberg  
Department of Mathematics and Statistics  
University of New Mexico  
Albuquerque, NM   87131-1141 USA  
(505) 277-5323  
   stanly at   

                           OTHER EVENTS

Reception and Barbecue:  
   A reception on Sunday evening and barbecue on Tuesday evening 
   are included in your full registration fee (not student fees).  
   Additional tickets can be purchased for non-registered
   persons or students for an extra  $18.

   During the conference, meals will be available at the Foothill Housing
   cafeteria.  The hours are: breakfast 7:15--9:00, lunch 11:30--1:30,
   dinner 5:00--6:30.  For attendees staying in the Foothill Housing on 
   campus, meals are included in the housing cost; meal tickets will be
   issued at check-in time.  Others may purchase individual meals with cash.

Business Meeting:  
   There will be a business meeting for SIGSAM on Monday evening after 

Discussion of ISSAC Issues:  A discussion of ISSAC organizational
   issues, as requested by J. von zur Gathen, will follow the business

                        LOCATION AND HOUSING

ISSAC-92 will be held on the campus of the University of California at
Berkeley.  Residence rooms will be available at the Foothill Student
Housing Complex, a modern (1.5 year old) facility on the north side of
the campus at 2700 Hearst Ave, Berkeley.  ISSAC-92 technical sessions will 
be held in the Sibley Auditorium of the Bechtel Engineering Center, a short 
walk from the residence halls.  

Special group rates are available including meals for the duration of 
the conference: $164.00 per person double occupancy, and $224.00 per 
person single occupancy.  These rooms are arranged in suites, with 4 
to 11 rooms per suite. Each suite has one or two lavatory/baths, linens 
and towels, and telephones.  We encourage you to request double occupancy 
rooms so that we may accommodate all the conference attendees on site.
This single room and board fee covers arrival for brunch on the afternoon 
of Sunday July 26, through departure after breakfast on the morning of 
Thursday, July 30.  There is no reduction for shorter stays or missed meals.

Persons arriving before Sunday may be accommodated at adjacent Stern Hall, 
an older dormitory, for a low daily rate.  However, we suggest that you 
consider staying in San Francisco or other tourist locations, or stay in 
an airport hotel at weekend rates.  

You may arrange private hotels accommodations in the area; in such cases, 
conference meals may be purchased for cash at the conference or at
nearby restaurants.  Prices quoted for hotels below are without
meals.  Call before June 26 and mention ISSAC-92 for these discount rates.

Here are some nearby hotels:

Hotel Durant, located at 2600 Durant Ave. Berkeley, CA 94704, is
easy walking distance to the conference.  Toll free: (800) 238-7268; 
local phone (510)  845-8981; FAX: (510) 486 8336.  Typical rates are: 
$75/single, $85/double.

The Shattuck Hotel, located at Shattuck Ave. and Allston Way in Berkeley,
is a long walk or a short shuttle bus ride to the conference site.
Toll free: (800) 237-5359; in California, (800) 742-8825; 
local phone (510) 845-7300.  Typical rates are:  $82/single, $97/double.

The (luxurious) Claremont Resort Hotel, is located at Ashby and Domingo
Aves., Oakland, CA 94623.  It is approximately 2 miles from the meeting. 
Call (800) 551-7266 reservations; FAX (510) 843-6239.  Typical rates 
are: $149 and up for single, $169 and up for double.


The University of California at Berkeley campus is about 45 minutes by
car from the San Francisco International Airport, and 30 minutes from
the Oakland International Airport.  Foothill Housing is at the North
East corner of the campus near the intersection of Hearst Ave. and
Gayley/LaLoma Road.  If you are driving a rental car from an airport
(all major rental car agencies have offices at both airports), ask for
direction and a map to Berkeley.

One recommended route from interstate highway 80 is to take the
University Ave. exit in Berkeley.  Follow University Ave. (East) until
a T at Oxford St.  Turn Left on Oxford then (almost immediately) right
on Hearst Ave.  Follow Hearst (uphill) just past Gayley/LaLoma (This
is one street which changes names as it crosses Hearst).  See the
signs for the registration area about 100 meters ahead and to your
right.  This address is 2700 Hearst.  The registration desk is through
the gate and to the right.  After hours, visit the registration desk
for Stern Hall: through the gate and straight ahead.

Since parking at registration is quite limited, you may have to park
behind the residence halls -- follow Hearst Ave up to parking lots on
your right.  You can then walk down to the registration desk. (You may
find it better to leave luggage in your car temporarily, since you
would then have to carry it back up to the rooms.)  Note that
if you intend to keep a car at the conference site, you must obtain a
parking permit and pay $15 for the week.

It is certainly not necessary to have a car during the conference.
If you are not driving from the airport, there are several bus services;
you may take any of them that will take you to Berkeley, but only
the Bay Porter Express (1-800-548-8811 or 415-467-1800) offers door-to-door
service from either airport (for about $15). Taxi service is also available
and may be less expensive for groups of 3 or more.  Public transportation 
via Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) and shuttle busses at both ends is also 
available, but is time consuming.

AMTRAK (train) and Greyhound Bus service provide transportation
to Berkeley or nearby Oakland or Richmond.  A taxi from these stations
(for about $15) is the simplest way to reach the conference site.

                        ACTIVITIES IN THE AREA 

Berkeley, San Francisco, and other nearby areas provide an unparalleled 
opportunity for cultural and recreational pursuits.

San Francisco is justly regarded as the most scenic city in the United
States.  It is surrounded on three sides by the Pacific Ocean and 
San Francisco Bay.  Its buildings and streets, located on a succession
of steep hills, provide an unending series of exhilarating views.
The mountainous Marin Peninsula lies just across the Golden Gate Bridge, 
and the Berkeley area lies on the eastern edge of the bay.  

The Bay Area provides an abundance of cultural events through its
museums, theaters, symphonies, opera, ballet, jazz festivals, and other
performing arts.  There is a great variety of cultural events and 
an outstanding art museum on the Berkeley campus itself.  

Virtually every cuisine can be enjoyed in the famous restaurants of 
San Francisco and Berkeley.  The scenic Napa Valley, just a one hour
drive from Berkeley, produces some of the best wines of the United
States; most wineries welcome visitors and provide free tasting rooms.

The climate provides a year-round opportunity for such outdoor 
sports as sailing, tennis, and golf.  For a small fee conference attendees 
may also use the extensive campus recreational facilities.

Northern California enjoys a wealth of opportunity for those interested
in hiking, camping, bicycling, or just sight-seeing.  A few hours to 
the south of the Bay Area along the coast are Monterey, Carmel, and the 
Big Sur area where the coast range reaches the ocean.  To the north are the 
Mendocino coast, the redwood trees, and Mount Shasta.  In the Bay Area 
itself, Mount Diablo, Mount Tamalpais, Muir Woods, and the Point Reyes 
National Seashore provide many recreational facilities.  

ISSAC is not scheduling conference group tours, but tours to 
surrounding areas are readily available, and public transportation into 
San Francisco is fast and pleasant.


The weather in Berkeley is dominated by a maritime climate.
July is almost invariably dry and often cool, with morning and evening fog.
The average daily high temperature is 72F (22C); the average daily low is
54F (12C). A light sweater or jacket is advisable. 

 Erich Kaltofen (Chair)     
 Richard Fateman    Robert Grossman   Daniel Lazard  
 Moss Sweedler      Barry Trager      Paul Wang      

 Bruce Char         Henri Cohen       James Davenport  
 Jean Della Dora    John Gilbert      Lakshman Y. N.  
 Daniel Lazard      Gerhard Michler   Michael Monagan  
 Jean-Jacques Risler  Horst Simon     Stanly Steinberg  
 Barry Trager       Carlo Traverso    Richard Zippel     

 John Canny     James Demmel   Richard Fateman  
 Katherine Yelick  

MAJOR CONTRIBUTORS:  Waterloo Maple Software and Wolfram Research, Inc. 
CONTRIBUTORS:   Prescience Corp. and SoftWarehouse, Inc.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

                REGISTRATION FOR ISSAC '92 

The registration fees for ISSAC '92 are listed below.  To qualify for the 
early registration fee, your registration application must be received by 
Monday, June 29.  The non-student registration fee includes the Sunday night 
reception, the Tuesday night barbecue, coffee breaks, and a copy of the 
proceedings.  The student fee includes all of the above except the banquet.

Name ____________________________________________________________________

Accompanying person(s) __________________________________________________

Affiliation _____________________________________________________________

Street Address __________________________________________________________

City  State _____________________________________________________________

ZIP or Country &  Postal #_______________________________________________

Telephone _______________________________________________________________

Email _________________________ Phone ___________________________________

Please circle the appropriate feee, and 
fill in your membership number if appropriate:_______________________

                                      early     late  
ACM, SIGSAM, SIGNUM member             $270     $300  
Non member                             $300     $350  
Student                                 $80      $80  

Additional registration charges: 	       Amount  

Extra Barbecue Tickets (#_____ at $18)        _______

Parking at $15                                _______

TOTAL REGISTRATION COST (US dollars)          _______

If you have submitted a paper that was accepted for optional
presentation at a poster session and intend to present it, 
please indicate the title:

                            HOUSING FORM 

Please check one to indicate your preference for rooms at Foothill 

_____  None (I will arrange my own housing.)   
_____  Single   ($224.00)  
_____  Double   ($164.00)  
               ___ share with _________________________
               ___ please match with roommate (M/F)  

_____  I would like to stay through Thursday night   
                (Add $30 per person for a double, $44 for a single)    

_____  Please reserve an early-arrival residence hall room prior to the 
        start of the conference, 
        beginning with the date:__________________

(Payment for early-arrival rooms is due at check-in.  The amount will 
vary depending on accommodations, but will be less than $44 per night.)

Arrival day/time (airline flight info 
etc.) in the San Francisco Bay Area: _________________________________

Estimated check-in time at Berkeley campus: _______________________
Please complete the conference registration form and 
housing form, and fill in the total costs below.

Subtotal from housing form:            _____________

Subtotal from conference registration: _____________

TOTAL AMOUNT ENCLOSED:                 _____________

Send the forms, along with a check or money order for the total
amount, to the address given below.  Checks in US dollars should be
made payable to ``Regents, University of California'': 

                   ISSAC '92 Registration 
                   c/o Katherine Yelick  
                   571 Evans Hall  
                   Computer Science Division, EECS  
                   University of California  
                   Berkeley, CA   94720 

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