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  • To: MathGroup <mathgroup at>
  • Subject: Statistics
  • From: Tapio Luttinen <100013.2275 at>
  • Date: 04 Aug 92 13:08:27 EDT

Reply to Kit Dodson

> Can anyone tell me how to use the distributions 
> in the stats package? Perhaps mine is incompletely 
> installed but it seems inert! I'd like to use it
> to plot distribs and to compute values for different
> parameters.

> Kit Dodson
> dodson at
> NeXTMail OK

Instructions can be found in the Guide to Standard Mathematica Packages
(pp. 250-254) for continuos distributions. The example in page 254 (shown
below) works fine in my MS-Windows environment.

Tapio Luttinen
100013.2275 at

PS. I am interested in applications on probability theory and stochastic
processes and especially on traffic flow theory.



gdist = GammaDistribution[3,1]

CDF[gdist, 10]

cdfunction = CDF[gdist, x]

Plot[cdfunction, {x, 0, 10}]

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