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  • Subject: Re: ISOSURFACES
  • From: WILKINSON at nkuvax.bitnet
  • Date: 07 Aug 1992 15:16:57 -0400 (EDT)

Matt Challacombe wrote,

>      I am looking for code to do the following: Given f[x,y,z], plot an
>isosurface for f[x,y,z] = some value.  That is, plot contours of constant
>f in 3-D.  I would prefer Mathematica code, but would be grateful for
>a lead on any (free) program that does this in FORTRAN or C, on any platform.

I have written a Mathematica package that will plot these surfaces. If anyone
would like to try it I will mail them a copy.

Steven Wilkinson
Northern Kentucky University

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