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Re: FontForm

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  • Subject: Re: FontForm
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  • Date: Fri, 21 Aug 92 14:42:19 EDT

Steve Wilkinson writes:
>I am running Mathematica v2.0 on a Macintosh. I wish to use the font "Times-
>Italic" for text displayed in graphics. I can't get FontForm (or DisplayFont)
>to work correctly. Are there any suggestions on a workaround?
I'm not sure what he means but not working correctly.  I'm running v.2.1 on
the Mac and FontForm works fine--in terms of printed results.  My
understanding is that FontForm just passes the font selection into the
Postscript code for the graphic (essentially just adding the appropriate
"findfont" and "setfont" postscript commands) and your postscript output
device handles it from there. It all works fine for output for me.  

If by doesn't work he means in the screen display, there are many
possibilites for problems, some of which I understand and some of which I
don't.  There are several things which can affect the situation: 1) Are you
using postscript fonts with associated bitmaps (preferably from Adobe,
since Apple's bitmaps encode different spacing than the adobe fonts which
are probably standard in your printer).  2) Are you using something like
Adobe's ATM (type manager) to produce the screen images of the fonts guided
by their bitmaps and the postscript outlines, 3)Do you have any TrueType
fonts loaded in your system, which are Apple-Microsoft's attempt to do
there own outline fonts and invariably screw things up if have a postscript
printer and especially if you use ATM.

I have ATM and all adobe fonts (I think the standard set of fonts--those
found in most laserprinters--is still included with ATM) and still do find 
less than perfect screen display behavior in Mma when using FontForm. 
Specifically, simple font selections (such as Times, Helvetica, or even
Bembo (a favorite of mine)) display without problem, but some varietal
fonts (like Times-Italic!) won't display on the screen, 'tho they print
fine.  This may or may not be a Mma problem per se, and I suspect you might
work around it if you find and install a bitmap for the specific varietal
font.  Since, however, italic fonts rarely look all they great on the
screen, I've never worried about it (not that it shouldn't work correctly
as a matter of principle of course).

If all that doesn't help in some way, Steve, how 'bout more details on
desired behavior?

David Elbert
Department of Geology
Middlebury College
Middlebury, VT 05753
Elbert at midd.bitnet

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