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Re: nohup Mathematica

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  • Subject: Re: nohup Mathematica
  • From: hoeksema at (Fokke Hoeksema)
  • Date: Thu, 3 Dec 92 10:58:32 GMT

Anonymous asked:

> Help!
> I would like to run a Mathematica program during the
> holidays. I want to make sure it is running before I logout,
> which is why I use "nohup" (unix system). But I also want to keep
> it running after I logout.  I can't seem to get it working.
> I thought something like at the command line but when I try it, mma quits
> my proccess does not continue running:
> /usr/5bin/nohup math<my_mma_script>outputofmma &
> Does anyone have any ideas. (I use Sun Platform)

I think you should use the UNIX "at" command to solve your problem.
It works well during hollidays and I am quite shure that, if you
choose the starting time before you leave, that it allows you to
inspect your "outputofmma" file.
Here's the first part of the UNIX manual page concerning "at":

AT(1)                    USER COMMANDS                      AT(1)

     at, batch - execute a command or script at a specified time

     at and batch read commands from standard input  to  be  exe-
     cuted  at  a  later time.  at allows you to specify when the
     commands should be executed, while jobs  queued  with  batch
     will  execute  as  soon  as  the  system load level permits.


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