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Numerical Analysis text

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  • Date: Tue, 15 Dec 92 11:45:03 CST

Many people have asked about a text to use for teaching numerical analysis
in conjunction with Mathematica.  The text "Elementary Numerical Computing
with Mathemtica", by Robert D. Skeel (Univ. of IL) and Jerry B. Keiper
(Wolfram Research, Inc.), McGraw-Hill (ISBN 0-07-057820-6) (448 pages)
will be available soon (Pub. Feb. 5, 1993).
This book offers a practical introduction to numerical methods at an
elementary level and is designed to teach the principles of numerical
analysis while exposing students to the greatest range of possibilities for
scientific computing. It teaches some numerical methods that are used in
actual numerical software, gives advice on assessing and enhancing
accuracy, and shows how problems requiring numerical computation arise
in application. It also includes a 50+ page tutorial introduction to
Table of Contents:
1) Introduction
2) Floating-Point Computation
3) Rootfinding
4) Systems of Linear Equations
5) Interpolation
6) Least Squares Approximation
7) Numerical Differentiation and Integration
8) Ordinary Differential Equations
9) Overview
A1) Getting Started with Mathematica
A2) Review of Basic Mathematics
        emunson at
        (212) 512-3503
        Eric Munson
        College Textbook Division
        McGraw-Hill Book Company
        1221 Avenue of Americas
        New York, NY  10020
for pre-publication arrangements.
Jerry B. Keiper
keiper at

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