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Re:warping of density plots

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  • Subject: Re:warping of density plots
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  • Date: Fri, 18 Dec 92 10:16:04 -0500

Ivan Vesely <vesely at> says:
"... What I really need is some good image warping software that will  

allow me to play with the images and get them all to look the same  

size and shape. ..."

Mma can do this, and uses a clear enough programming methodology so that  
development can proceed quickly. But Mma is slow for production work,  
relative to products that work with fully compiled code, and with  
data-structures that are optimized for images.

You might consider KHOROS, which has been under development for more than  
two years at the University of New Mexico, and is available by anonymous  
ftp from*. It already does warping and  
averaging, and many of the other things you name (and did not get around  
to naming). So you don't have to do any development at all --- you can  
just start in working. (Best if you can locate someone who is already  
using it, and look over their shoulder for a few minutes.)

"Khoros, a huge (~100 meg) graphical development environment based on
X11R4.  Khoros components include a visual programming language, code
generators for extending the visual language and adding new application
packages to the system, an interactive user interface editor, an
interactive image display package, an extensive library of image and
signal processing routines, and 2D/3D plotting packages."

It has been running just fine on NeXTs, under X-windows.  (It would be  
nice to cut a version that used NeXTStep and Display PostScript all the  
way!) It also runs on most other computers that have an X-windows  

A comment on Dr. Wiscombe's remarks about UNIX supporting the assembly of  
useful programs from small tools and good connections: KHOROS does for  
images what UNIX does for byte-streams!

Henning Leidecker

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