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  • Subject: animation
  • From: pmartin at (Pat Martin)
  • Date: Thu, 27 Feb 92 08:27:54 PST

I am trying to utilize the animation package distributed with MMA 2.0. I am 
running a NeXT. When I load the package it is fine but when I try to use it
I get back this:

Animate[ Plot[ Sin[x t], {x,-3,3}, PlotRange->{-1, 1} ], {t,0,1} ]
General::aofil: stdout already open as stdout.
OpenWrite::noopen: Cannot open stdout.
{-Graphics-, -Graphics-, -Graphics-, -Graphics-, -Graphics-, 
  -Graphics-, -Graphics-, -Graphics-, -Graphics-, -Graphics-, 
  -Graphics-, -Graphics-, -Graphics-, -Graphics-, -Graphics-, 
  -Graphics-, -Graphics-, -Graphics-, -Graphics-, -Graphics-, 
  -Graphics-, -Graphics-, -Graphics-, -Graphics-}

What else is unusual is that the animation package from MMA 1.2 works fine if
with MMA 1.2. I emailed to wolfram bugs and they gave me another number at 
Wolfram, and I tried that but got no response. Wolfram did send me a floppy
with another copy of Animation.m but I get the same response--help. Is it possible
that I'm not putting the new Animation.m file in the correct directory?
Pat Martin 
UC Davis
pmartin at

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