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  • Subject: New archives
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  • Date: Sat, 25 Jan 92 20:35:05 EST

MathGroup Members:

I have now created archives for the MathGroup mail and sci.math.symbolic
articles.  On the MathGroup archive machine in the pub/MathGroup_Mail_Archive
directory, you will find a file called MathGroupMail.1992.1. This represents 
the first 1992 archive of MathGroup mail.  When this file gets large enough,
I will move to a file called MathGroupMail.1992.2, etc.  In the
pub/Sci.Math.Symbolic is a file called Archive.1992.1 which contains
the first 1992 sci.math.symbolic archive.  Similarly, I will add files
as needed.

Every time I read sci.math.symbolic or save a message to the MathGroup, it
will be added to the archive in UNIX mail form.  So, they should be
quite up to date.  This makes it fairly easy for me to keep the
archives in usable form.

Please report any problems.  I hope you find this useful.

Steve Christensen

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