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TeX/Mathematica for Mathematica 2.0

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  • Subject: TeX/Mathematica for Mathematica 2.0
  • From: dan at (Dan Dill)
  • Date: Sun, 26 Jan 92 19:18:45 -0500

The current version (1.31) of TeX/Mathematica adapted for Mathematica 2.0 is
available by anonymous ftp from ( in directory
/pub/tex-mathematica-2.0.  It includes the latest version of David Jacobson's
math.el, the Mathematica graphics prologue and related files
concerned with graphics.  There is also a new, improved installation by shell
script tex-mma-install.

[These files can also be found on the MathGroup server in
pub/Packages/TEX-MMA. --smc]

There are no functional changes to TeX/Mathematica, except that the font size
in graphics is now controlled by the new Mathematica system variable
$DefaultFont and there is now support for generation of compressed graphics
files for use with psfix/TeX 1.8, controlled by the Matematica global variable

Note: This version does *not* work with Mathematica 1.2.

TeX/Mathematica is a set of tools that provide facilities of Mathematica
Notebooks in a UNIX environment, under GNU Emacs.  They permit interaction
between a text and a Mathematica buffer and, if desired, the use of
TeX/LaTeX to annotate Mathematica-based explorations and programs.  Inclusion
of Mathematica-generated graphics in TeX/LaTeX documents printed using
PostScript is supported.  The tools also support the automatic generation of
Mathematica packages from TeX/Mathematica documents, using a WEB-like notation.

With these tools one can interactively develop and refine teaching and
research documents. The interactive nature of the tools encourages
Mathematica-based exploration as a natural part of the writing process.

Comments, etc., always welcome.


Dan Dill
dan at

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