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Re:Wordwrapping in matrices

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  • Date: Tue, 28 JAN 92 23:02:25 GMT

John W. Szuhay
Mobil Research and Development Corp.
Email: jwszuhay at   

> I am running Mathematica 2.0 on a NeXT '040 Cube nad when I adjust the
> page width as you suggest I still get unacceptable wrapping.  The problem
> stems from the spaces Mathematica inserts between the array elements.
> In the case of your example, Table[x,{3},{50}]//MatrixForm, I get
> about 5 spaces between each x.  Is there an easy way to adjust this
> spacing? 

The option TableSpacing adjusts spacing. The default is Automatic, which on the
Mac is {1,3, ....} and gives one blank line between rows and a minimum of 3
spaces between columns. If you use

 MatrixForm[Table[x,{3},{50}], TableSpacing -> {0,1}] 

you get no blank lines between rows and just one space between columns. You may
also need to set the the Right Margin to -20 ....

Unfortunately, if some entries in a matrix are big then because MatrixForm
generates uniform spacing you can get a lot of unwanted space around small
entries. To deal with this use TableForm instead of MatrixForm, this does not
use uniform spacing (the same options are available).

Allan Hayes
Department of Mathematics
The University
Leicester LE1 7RH
hay at

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