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  • Subject: speedups
  • From: yoda at
  • Date: Thu, 4 Jun 92 09:03:19 JST

I am using Macintosh IIci plus Tokamac ci containing 68040 25MHz CPU.
68040, as you know, contains built-in FPU. After installing the Tokamac,
Plot, FindRoot and FindMinimum have given 2 times faster results. For this
speed-up, I provided 2 initial values to tell mma that I want to do it
numerically. Sometimes the "Evaluate" command is very helpful to speed up
the calculation. 
	I was not satisfied with the factor 2 speed up. So I transfered the
long expression to MAC THINK C source code. The result was that the compiler
refused to compile the incredibly long expression. Sigh.....
	What I am doing is to rewrite my mma code to MAPLE code. 
What I am looking forward is (1) 80586, 100 MIPS chip, (2) 68060, 75-100
MIPS chip both are expected in 1993, according to Business Week and Next
News Letter. 


Kiyoshi Yoda


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