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  • Subject: FORTRAN
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  • Date: Fri, 19 Jun 1992 11:07:13 EDT

	Dear MathGroup,
John Pender writes;
> does anybody know how to get mathematica to write a bunch of numbers to
> a file in fortran-compatible format?  the best option i've found so far
> is to use the ColumnForm command, but as you can see below, the output
> isn't compatible with standard fortran (which uses ** instead of ^).  if
> you use the FortranForm command you get (at least on my machine) a lot of
> excess baggage as well.  i can work around this problem, but it sure seems
> to me that there's got to be a nice way to do such a simple i/o excercise.

Here is an (inelegent) way of generating strings suitable for output in FORTRAN 
data statements, etc.;

format[x_]:=ToString[ PaddedForm[x,{14,13},{ 
I use it for writing data statements as follows;

            StringJoin["     > ",format[b[i,k+0]],", ",format[b[i,k+1]], ", 

			Hope this helps,
				Matt Challacombe
				Program in Chemical Physics and SCRI
				FSU, Tallahasse, 32306
				(challacombe at

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