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Variable Symbols, Inc.                  For further information contact:
2161 Shattuck Avenue, Suite 202                 Connie Woods
Berkeley, CA  94704-1313                        Fax: 510-843-8702
                                                Tel: 510-843-8701

"Good reference works are both hard to write and much needed.  This is
especially so in the case of a program like Mathematica, which has over 
800 built-in names... Nancy Blachman's accomplishment is impressive.  This 
small volume packs information about every built-in Mathematica object. 
...It highlights new functionality in Version 2.0.  ...I can think of 
no one better qualified to write this guide.  With her experience in 
teaching Mathematica classes, providing individual and group training, 
and writing "Mathematica:  A Practical Approach" (Prentice-Hall, 1992), 
she is intimately attuned to the needs of the Mathematica community." 
        Silvio Levy
        Editor of The Mathematica Journal, 1990-91

The MATHEMATICA QUICK REFERENCE, VERSION 2 is a compact guide to the 
latest release of Wolfram Research's best selling mathematical software 
package Mathematica, Version 2.0.  The MATHEMATICA QUICK REFERENCE is both 
a dictionary and a thesaurus of Mathematica commands.  It will help you 
find the commands you need and use them effectively, and also provides 
a readable and compact overview of Mathematica's capabilities.  

In addition to describing all functions, it has pointers to other resources: 
books, periodicals about Mathematica, user groups, and auxiliary programs. 
The MATHEMATICA QUICK REFERENCE is suitable at every level as the ideal 
companion to the latest release of Mathematica, Version 2.

About the author

Nancy Blachman is the author of the tutorial book MATHEMATICA: A PRACTICAL
APPROACH (Prentice-Hall, 1992), considered by many to be the standard 
introductory book on Mathematica.  Nancy is the founder of Variable
Symbols, a company that specializes in Mathematica training.  Previously, 
she was affiliated with Wolfram Research, Inc., developer of Mathematica.  
Nancy holds degrees in mathematics, operations research, and computer 
science from the University of Birmingham, the University of California, 
Berkeley, and Stanford University.

The MATHEMATICA QUICK REFERENCE, VERSION 2 can be purchased directly 
from Variable Symbols, Inc.,  2162 Shattuck Avenue, Suite 202, 
Berkeley, CA  94704-1313, fax 510-843-8702, telephone 510-843-8701.

Price: $18.95
Number of Pages: 304
Size: 8 1/2" by 4"

Table of Contents

Chapter A: About Mathematica                  9
Chapter B: Breakdown by Category             31
Chapter C: Complete Listing of Commands      43
Chapter D: Distribution Packages            217
Chapter E: Electronic Information           285
Chapter F: The Front End                    289
Chapter G: Glossary                         295
Chapter H: Help                             299
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by Nancy Blachman (Variable Symbols, 1992), 304 pp.

MATHEMATICA: A PRACTICAL APPROACH                      $30.00
by Nancy Blachman (Prentice Hall, 1992), 384 pp.

MATHEMATICA HELP STACK, VERSION 2                      $99.00
for the Macintosh

Sales tax (for California residents only)               8.25%

Shipping and handling for a single item.  
North America, $5.00; Pacific Rim, $15.00;  
All others $10.00 
(For orders of two or more items, add 50% more 
for each additional item, e.g., if you order 
two books and you live in Europe, shipping
would be $10 + (50% of $10) = $15.)

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Variable Symbols, Inc. 
2161 Shattuck Ave., Suite 202
Berkeley, CA  94704-1313
Fax: 510-843-8702
Tel: 510-843-8701

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