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  • Subject: ParametricPlot3D
  • From: Robert Singleton <bobs at>
  • Date: Mon, 26 Oct 92 01:06:31 PST


I have Mma 2.0. Why isn't PlotStyle an option for ParametricPlot3D?!?
(It is an option for ParametricPlot.) I need to use ParametricPlot3D
to draw a parametarized curve in space. I want to make the curve
with dashed lines - the option PlotStyle->Dashing[...] would be the
thing  if the option existed! I also want to make the curve a
rather light shade. The option AmbientLight-> GrayLevel[0.5] doesn't
work. This only seems to make surfaces lighter and it didn't change
my curve. 

I want to overlay this curve with a hyperboloid using the Rectangle[]
command to give the appearence of a hidden curve, so I need the 

relative orientations to stay the way I first made them. Also, the
graphs are very tiny after I overlay them. Is there a way to make
them larger? 

Thanks very much. 

Robert Singleton
bobs at

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