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  • Subject: EditIn
  • From: David Sibley <sibley at>
  • Date: Thu, 1 Oct 92 11:52:02 -0400

I am running Mathematica 2.0 on a SparcStation.  Since there is no
notebook interface, I would like to be able to use EditIn.  However,
EditIn seems to work only once.  Here's what I mean.

In[1]:= x=3
Out[1]= 3
In[2]:= EditIn[1]

(* In the editor I change the "x=3" to "x=4". *)

Out[2]= 4
In[3]:= EditIn[2]

In the edit buffer I find not the wanted "x=4", available for further
editing, but "EditIn[1]".  Now I admit that "EditIn[1]" is what I typed
to the prompt, but that's not what I want to be able to edit here.  Is
there some way around this?  Can I recover the "x=4" for re-editing?

Of course, this is much more of a problem with more complicated
multi-line input, or when doing class demonstrations with many similar
input lines.

Yes, I realize I can save the original "x=4" when in the editor the
first time, and yes, I know I can use cut-and-paste and ignore EditIn
altogether, but that doesn't explain the brain-damaged behavior here.
If it would just work right it would be a lot more useful.

David Sibley
sibley at

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